Things To Know If You Are Starting Paleo

Certainly, most people would have already heard about Paleo diet. However, people who know about Paleo diet may only have vague ideas regarding this program and how it really works in benefitting weight loss. Likewise, some dieters may also experience trouble about the types of food that they should include in their Paleo-based meals. On the other hand, other individuals disapprove or claim about the effectiveness of Paleo diet just because their information on this matter is lacking or even nil. Thus, for those who are considering to go on a Paleo diet, it is very important that they gain sufficient knowledge regarding such of diet and the things that they must accomplish in order to successfully follow it.


Paleo diet became very popular because it has helped a number of people in losing weight. However, there’s a possibility that people may start wrongly with Paleo diet. The right of going on this type of diet involves eating real foods, including proteins, healthy fats, and plenty of vegetables, whereas the wrong kind of Paleo diet involves normal cookies and pancakes to Paleo cookies and pancakes.

What people should remember when it comes to Paleo diet is that it is not necessary that they replace all their foods with Paleo ingredients but to just adjust their behavior on their food and how they energize their body.

Paleo meals should be sufficient with vegetables and proteins. Paleo dieters are also encouraged to eat fresh fruits in moderation along with nutrient-rich complex carbs.

On the other hand, people should avoid consuming processed and sugary carb sources when they are on Paleo diet.


People may opt to transition slowly to a Paleo diet. For instance, they can switch one food with a Paleo counterpart or slowly decrease the intake of a particular food until it can be completely removed from one’s diet.

Slowly transitioning into a Paleo diet is very advantageous as the dieter does not feel being drastically deprived of the foods that he used to eating. Moreover, more money is saved as there is no need to throw one’s food and then replace every meal with its Paleo counterpart.

On the other hand, the impact of Paleo diet is not felt right away with gradual transition. In relation to this, dieters can slowly adjust to this diet with more confidence.

However, slow transition into a Paleo diet is not without its downsides. As the effects are not that pronounced, people may think that they are not making any progress at all.

Meanwhile, some people prefer drastically engaging in Paleo diet so that they can see all results right away and they can get over quickly the uneasiness that accompanies while adjusting with the diet. Moreover, people save time when it comes to choosing the food that they want to be replaced with a Paleo meal.

In addition, with drastic transition to Paleo diet, weight can be achieved immediately, thus encouraging the dieter to continue following such dietary program.

However, drastic engagement in Paleo diet does not fit all people’s needs. Being able to withstand such thing requires significant amount of will power. Some dieters may easily give up after experiencing drastic shocks with their body. This effect is more pronounced in people who normally consumes high amounts of grains and carbohydrates.


Changes comprise significant part of all people’s lives. Thus, when they embark on an entirely different journey that can change their lifestyle, they would want someone to be with them and show them support. Moreover, opinions of families and friends can be a great eye-opener in case some diverts from his path in the long run.

For those who have already gone through the process, they should not be that hard on those who are just starting with Paleo diet. All of people, experienced Paleo dieters should know how hard the journey is and how stressing it can be for both the mind and the body. Thus, instead of reprimanding those who easily give, experienced dieters should serve as inspiration to help other reach their weight loss goals.

In case of those are going through the dieting process, it would not hurt if they voice out their struggles to people who can understand them. Families should be informed of one’s current dietary program so that all members can make all the necessary adjustments. People should not also be too worried about all the food ingredients that they should not eat. What they can do is to stick to the program as much as possible but not punish themselves for having eaten something that is forbidden in a Paleo meal.


The Paleo diet truly possesses the potential to change the life of a person. This type of diets entails eating more fruits and vegetables, possibly leading to significant loss of weight. However, the process cannot be easy for everyone. Thus, if necessary, dieters should have themselves checked out first before trying the Paleo diet.

On the other hand, results of the Paleo diet may vary from person to person. Some people may start losing weight right away. However, the trend may change and they begin losing less weight after several weeks. In turn, dieters feel bad about themselves and think that they are failing in losing weight.

With such issue, people should realize their capabilities and characteristics of their body affecting their weight loss. They should also understand that losing weight is not that easy and that they are bound to experience hardship especially when they stop eating foods that they consume almost everyday. People must also be open to the fact that results may not come right away or that they may fail in following the Paleo diet properly. Thus, in the end, it is important for dieters to acquire knowledge regarding the dietary program that they want to try out and whether their bodies can handle the changes that may come along the way.

Celebrities That Paleo

Compared with other complex or tedious to follow diets, the Paleo diet is more basic considering that this diet is based on dietary meals of ancient humans. Basically, the Paleo diet requires a person to skip eating the foods that Paleolithic humans did not eat.

Around 10 thousand years ago, meals of ancient humans mainly consisted of meat, fish, and fruits and vegetables. As Paleolithic people were nomadic hunter-gatherer, they did not have the opportunity to cultivate crops. In return, Paleolithic humans consumed meals that lack grains, dairy products, sugar, alcohol, and processed or refined foods.

No can really claim whether Paleo diet is a fad or truly effective. However, there are some famous people who vouched for the effectiveness of this diet.


Jack Osbourne is the son of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne. Jack started following the Paleo diet after learning that he was afflicted with multiple sclerosis. MS is an autoimmune disease that attack the central nervous system, and at the moment, there is no available cure for this condition. Thus, Jack resorted to Paleo diet and aimed at maximizing its anti-inflammatory benefits. In this regard, he skips eating foods, such as dairy, gluten, and grains, which can cause inflammation.


Eva La Rue is most known for her role in CSI: Miami. As soon as she started Paleo dieting, La Rue started feeling better about herself, and she also thinks that she has become a good role model for her daughter.


Grant Hill has become a prominent player in basketball courts for 19 years. He attribute a large portion of his success to his Paleo diet, which according to him, provided him with power to compete with younger basketball players.


Uma Thurman gained a following because of her ass-kicking role in Kill Bill. She attributes her significant strength and lean body figure to her Paleo lifestyle, which involved eating whole, nutrient-dense foods.


Jessica Biel can be considered as one of the sexiest actresses in Hollywood. Biel is also a Paleo dieter and a big fan of CrossFit, which providers her body with all the exercise that it needs. Biel claims that Paleo diet is very effective in leaning and slimming down the body and prevents fat and water-weight from staying too long in the body.


Aaron Rodgers serves as quarterback for Green Bay Packers. His remarkable performance in the field is one of the results of his faithfulness to the Paleo diet.


Megan Fox has always been one of the sexiest actresses in Hollywood. However, more people noticed her gorgeous body after giving birth to her son. This amazing post-birth body can be attributed to her adherence to Paleo diet. Fox also pays attention not to consume dairy products, which she claims to have negative effects on hormones.

3. Unlike other traditional dieters, Kobe Bryant does not rely solely on Paleo meals. However, he ensures that his intake of carbohydrates is limited, and also skips eating sugary or processed foods. As a result, Kobe feels more energized during games and trainings, and he thinks that there are more things that he can do.


Matthew McConaughey is very proud of his body, and he has all the right to be so. Most of his meals consist of Paleo diet ingredients, thus helping him achieve the body that most people come to admire.


Miley Cyrus is the number of detractor of bread because of her allergies to gluten and lactose. Paleo’s gluten-free meals is the perfect partner for Miley’s gluten-free lifestyle.

Reasons For And Against The Paleo Diet

Paleo diet or “primal eating” is one of the most current dietary practices followed by people today. Supposedly, with paleo diet, people can eat just like their ancestors. However, people should realize that through evolution, meals eaten by humans in the past significantly differ from those of today. Still, it is said that paleo diets can lead to healthier, stronger, and fitter body. Basically, paleo diet employs removing some food groups from people’s in meals. In return, this practice should contribute to weight loss.


Though Paleo diet is quite popular, not all people realize that this diet was based on meals taken by human ancestors. In fact, this diet can be traced back from tens of thousands to millions of years ago. For instance, 60 million years ago, the earliest primates mainly relied on fruit, leaves, and insects as food source. Meanwhile, 2.6 million years ago, humans learned to use tools and create fire, and they started following a hunting-gatherer diet. Then, 10,000 years ago agriculture by the human race proliferated.

Meals of Paleolithic humans can be described as follows:

  • Include three times more product than the normal American diet

  • Contain more fiber, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, unsaturated fat, vitamins, and minerals

  • Contain less saturated fat and sodium

However, though a number of people support the Paleolithic diet, they normally do not consider that Paleolithic humans were also plagued with parasites, infectious diseases, and atherosclerosis.


The current diet followed by most people at present significantly differs from those followed by our ancestors. For instance, most meals nowadays contain processed or commercially-produced foods.

In the US, the top sources of calories include the following:

  • Yeast breads

  • Chicken-based dishes

  • Grain-based desserts

  • Pizza

  • Sweetened beverages

  • Alcoholic drink

In relation to people’s diet, over the past 50 years, more people became afflicted with obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.


Meanwhile, when following a Paleo diet, people are required to eat foods that more reflect the diet of Paleolithic humans. Thus, their meals should be based on the following food ingredients:

  • Animals

  • Animal products

  • Vegetable and fruits

  • Raw nuts and seeds

  • Added fats

Based on the list, Paleo dieters are discouraged from consuming grains, heavily processed oils, and processed foods.

Though legumes and dairy products are not included in the abovementioned list, some experts on Paleo diet allow these foods in their diets.


As mentioned, the Paleo diet does not really recommend eating whole grains and legumes. However, some dieters may wonder whether such foods should be included in their meals.

In case of legumes, people are discouraged from eating such things because of their high contents of anti-nutrients, such as lectins or phytates.

However, it is undeniable that legumes also provide the body with some remarkable benefits. Moreover, cooking can eliminate their anti-nutrient effects.

Paleo diet believers claim that grains may cause inflammation and related health conditions. However, this assumption is only especially true for people with celiac disease and for those with non-celiac gluten sensitivity. In short, grains are not bad for all individuals.

On the other hand, a number of studies indicated that eating whole grains may have some beneficial effects to the body. In addition, whole grains were observed to exhibit neutral activities during inflammation.


The Paleo diet comes with a number of benefits. For example, it focuses on consumption of more whole foods, lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats. Thus, incorporating these food ingredients in people’s meals can lead to significant health effects.

However, this type of diet not perfect. For instance, it is really not clear why Paleo diet normally advises people from eating dairy products, legumes, and grains. In relation to this, dieters do not realize that there is really no diet that will for all people. Moreover, people find it hard to follow guidelines on the foods that they can or cannot eat. Consistency is another problem, as following a specific diet for decades may not be that good for some.


Following a strict diet must be hard for most people. Thus, dieters should start changing their lifestyle by incorporating paleo habits little by little on their daily routines. For example, they can start with the following:

  • Eating more fresh foods

  • Replacing processed food with natural or organic ones

  • Doing outdoor activities

  • Sleeping early

Reasons You Would Avoid A Paleo Diet

Paleo diet is one of the most popular dietary programs today. However, a number of people discovered that this diet may not be the one that can help them achieve their weight loss goals. In return, a lot of people changed diets and started following Mediterranean diet, DASH, and flexitarian diet.

It turned out that women normally find it hard to follow the Paleo diet. In fact, studies have shown that women tend to face difficulty while following the Paleo diet though admittedly, they lost weight.

  1. One requirement that is normally associated with Paleo diet includes giving up cheese, bread, and wine. After one year, female Paleo dieters can lose as much as 19 pounds. However, after the second year, these women end up gaining five pounds back. What happens is that women cannot resist the temptation of eating forbidden foods, which include cheese, bread, potatoes, and wine. Moreover, a number of these women are not fond of eating fruits and vegetables, which is an essential requirement of the Paleo diet.

  2. A number of women also found Paleo diet to be a bit complicated. One engaged in the diet, they face the dilemma of determining the foods that they can eat. Moreover, women tend to think that they are really capable of sticking to such dietary program, because basically, the Paleo diet involves eating meals that are quite different from those that most women consume.

  3. Most people will also find Paleo diet to have very little variety. Thus, people are apt to feel restricted when it comes to their diet, and they start showing struggles in trying to keep with the requirements of Paleo diet.

  4. Compared with other diets, Paleo meals can be a bit pricey. Paleo meals normally include meat and vegetables, which are some of the priciest foods sold in supermarkets. As a matter of fact, a number of women claim that it is cheaper to eat out in restaurants than to prepare Paleo meals.

Paleo Diet Weight Loss Tips

As a number of people have tried, Paleo diet can be helpful in losing weight. In addition, some diet experts think that Paleo diet is one the best dietary programs that people should try. The success of Paleo diet lie in some important strategies. However, when engaging in Paleo, people may be required to change of their lifestyle habits.


The success of Paleo diet relies on reduction in calorie intake but without necessarily depriving people of it. In relation to this, research has shown that people who eat simpler food tend to eat less, and as a result, they can easily lose weight.

A Paleo diet may comprise healthy meals, which basically should include meat or fist a source of proteins, non-starchy vegetables, whole food carbohydrates, and healthy fat. Moreover, people need not to worry about preparing Paleo meals as there a number of recipes that they can try out during their spare time. Moreover, they save time and money for buying additional ingredients or flavorings.


Most people think that when they start going on a Paleo diet, they are required to eat significantly less amount of food in order to lose weight. However, such practice will only leave the body deprived of calories and essential nutrients that are important for optimal functioning. Likewise, food deprivation can also stress out an individual. In addition, decreased caloric intake may result in decreased resting metabolic rate. As a result, weight loss may be stalled. More importantly, what people should remember that dietary programs should not be about starving the body. Though calories are important factor affecting weight loss, eating much less may also lead to unwarranted consequences.

Compared with other diets, people more satiated when they follow Paleo diet, which basically allows them to eat less without necessarily being hungry the time or being worried about their calorie counts. People are discouraged from restricting their caloric intake. Instead, they are advised to eat less but not at very low levels. Dieting individuals should realize that it is possible to eat less but still feel full afterward. That is why Paleo diet is normally considered as one of the best dietary programs out there.


Carbohydrate tolerance depends on the individual. For instance, some people may not do well with low-carb diets whereas others are okay with it. On the other hand, physical activities also determine people’s need for carbohydrates. Those who are engaged with intense exercise and training programs may need higher amounts of carbohydrates in their diet.

In Paleo diet, restricting carbohydrate is not that necessary, but the amount taken by an individual should coincide with amount and intensity of physical exercises. People may suffer from fatigue or muscle breakdown when they engage in intense exercises but take in significantly low amounts of carbohydrates. Some people tried foregoing eating carbohydrates entirely, but this practice can only compromise their health in the end.

For sedentary people or for those who do minimal exercise, following a low-carb diet can benefit their weight loss journey. However, for the more active individuals, taking moderate amounts of carbohydrates is recommended to hasten weight loss.


People are discouraged from sitting too much as this can compromise their weight loss journey. However, a number of jobs are done in offices, and thus employees have no choice but to sit most of the day. Thus, people should search for means of increasing their movements day by day in order to promote weight loss and to improve overall health and decrease risks for chronic diseases.


People who try lose weight on their own always end up facing difficulties. Moreover, their hardship intensifies as they try to change some of their lifestyle habits. Thus, those who are embarking on a weight loss journey should seek the support of families and friends, who can provide moral support and thus increase chances of succeeding in losing weight. Moreover, loved ones can be consulted regarding recipes or meals that can be prepared when an individual undergoes Paleo diet.

Meanwhile, for those who do not have nearby families and friends may seek support from various communities that follow a Paleo diet. These people are very welcoming and more than willing to provide answers with regard to Paleo diet and related nutrition questions.


Losing weight is not all about dieting and exercising. For instance, people who lack sleep are more prone to become hungry, whereas high levels of stress prompt people to eat more. As a result, they tend to take in more fat and their weight loss ability becomes compromised. Research also showed that people receiving social support are better at handling stress and are more effective in keeping off the weight that they lost.

People can practice yoga or meditation to manage their stress. Moreover, planning for various activities, such as shopping, prevents incurring hassles that may occur everyday. Likewise, constant connection with families and friends is an important source of social support, which greatly aids not only in achieving weight loss but also in maintaining it.